Image of Spiced Beef Flatbread

Spiced Beef Flatbread



  • Mix flour, water, salt in bowl. Combine. Rest 10 min. Knead until smooth. Split into portions. Coat with oil. Rest 20 min, covered.
    Rest 10 min.
    Rest 20 min, covered.
  • Combine beef, water (1 tbsp), rice wine, salt. Split into portions.
  • Heat 3tbsp oil until smoking. Add to equal amount oil. Stir.
  • Take dough portion. Flatten into a tennis racket. Brush with oil and flour mixture. Sprinkle Sichuan pepper over. Add meat portion to head. Top with scallions.
  • Wrap racket head around meat. Roll handle around meat ball. Stand up and squish into spiral 1/3" thick.
  • Add oil and flatbreads to pan. Cover. Heat on medium heat until golden. Flip. Repeat other side. Drain on paper towel.
  • Continue until portions complete. Serve.